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What is the most useful power tool?

What is the most useful power tool?

Once you embark on any of those big projects you’ve been lying around, make sure you’ve got the right tools for your task.

Power tool experts find these the essential tools: bandsaw are the old standard power tool. It’s a dented blade riding on a chain, and is most useful power tool for both metal and woodwork.

This is the machine you’ve used in shop class and it’s one of the most important power tools. Nearly every workshop has as its centerpiece a bandsaw.

Band saws come in all shapes and sizes, from standing floor cabinet versions to cordless, hand-held ones. What’s right for you, depends on how big a job you do?

Many homeworkers prefer a smaller model that gets small jobs done as well as any bigger model. It never hurts to have a table saw, circular saw and jigsaw to deal with too while we are discussing saws.

Don’t get wild too seen but make sure you’ve got enough different sizes of must have power tools to choose from.


A good router can mean the difference between an amateur garage construction work and that which is done professionally.

It is used for carving grooves, hollowing out wood or for creating decorative touches. There are routers with plungers and fixed ones.

Both are used to achieve the same goal but for jobs where you cut in the middle of the wood, plunger routers are generally better. For the edge work fixed routers are stronger. Having both is not a bad idea.

Small Angle Grinder

What you need is a small angle grinder when you have those pieces of wood hanging down here and there. This is a tool designed to cut off any extra trim you don’t need. Nowadays the work is much simpler with angle grinders with motors, changeable blades and geared heads.

Angle grinders are not only for working wood. These can be used with concrete, and almost every other building material. You can use them with various engine, RPM and disk sizes.

Power Hand Plane

While your grinders, routers and so on will turn your wood just the way you want it, you’ll still want a good old fashioned plane.

It is still the most effective tool for rim shaving and other small details of your job. A plane can help you make timber cuts at exact depths. Ideal for a number of thorough reductions.

The power hand plane is one step up from your grand-padre’s old hand planes. These get the job done much more efficiently, and with less effort.