Now days, you can see the latest high-tech security technology in order to allow the users to automatically or keylessly or remotely open/close the locks. When it comes to the automatic door locks, they can be programmed as per the individual needs to lock & also unlock at the pre-set particular times without the invention of humans. The locks which are all integrated with the fire alarm, intrusion alarm, panic alarm, door position sensor systems is as well as possible with the auto door locks in order to prevent the entry or outing of the individuals in the specific regions. These auto locks with the combination of the latest security technology are also known as the deadbolts which includes more numbers of pros and cons for the users.

The pros to use such auto locking deadbolt in both the commercial and residential places include increased level of security without the need to remember for locking the doors manually, lock immediately upon closing, and also the added convenience of administrating your door locks from the remote locations. Whenever you are considering the cons of such automatic locking deadbolts, they require you to give the power supply which will increase your electrical bill sometimes. Similarly, there are several types of the automatic door locks available such as,

  • Electric deadbolt locks
  • Electric strike door locks
  • Magnetic shear locks
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Remote/Wireless automatic door locks
  • Automatic door locks Vs Smart door locks

If you are installing the smart door locks, it will provide you the best advantage of identifying the people trying to open a door. This is because they have the varied types of lock identification including retinal scans, finger prints, coded swipe cards and voice prompts for the maximum level of security.

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