Whenever the house owners are considering their home improvements, first of all they should need to check out and correct the water supply lines throughout the house. This is because water damage can spoil the walls and the different parts of your home, and also it makes your property appearance dull. At the same time, it can be somewhat expensive to have if you are not repairing it earlier. Danger in the water pipelines is exist in each and every home and you have to find it prior with the help of a right device in order to avoid unwanted downpour or damages.

Using emergency water shut off valve:

If a water hose is bursting due to the mishandling or some other reasons, the water is flowing freely all over your home and it can be stopped only by shut off the water supply valve. Now days, most of the plumbers are suggesting the house owners to install the water emergency shut off valve which will provide you a feature of automatic water shut off in the emergency water flowing situations.

An emergency shut off valve usually controls a single water line or sometimes a whole water supply of your house to shut off the water flow as per the connections you have made using the installed shut off valve.

How emergency water shut off valve works?           

  • An emergency shut off valve connected in a single or the entire house’s water supply is usually triggered by the particular water sensor placed on a floor.
  • This sensor will detect a leakage of water near the appliances which use water. It might be your ice machine, refrigerator, toilet, washing machine, dishwasher or anything which all use water.
  • This water shut off system is generally using a control panel which plugs into the typical outlet in your house.
  • By using the power supplying transformer, you can able to control a valve or more valves in the emergency situations.
  • There are also automatic water shut off valves available for your emergency situations and they will use such power supply to detect and stop the water supply by putting this valve in the pipeline.
  • Once a water sensor installed on a floor detects a water leak, it will send an electrical signal to the control unit which will then activate the magnetic shut off valve.
  • This valve actually closes and also stops the water flow through the pipeline to the particular home appliance which is often using the water. It is basically connected to the waterline which is to protect.

Need for installation of water emergency shut off valve:

At some of the houses, there are undetected water leaks which will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to correct the damages of your home. In order to avoid such expensive repair cost, it is better installing whole house water shutoff valve which will stop leaking water by shut off the water supply throughout the house. The sudden water shut off when there is damage in the pipeline will be done due to the water sensor attached to your home floor.

By the installation of this device, the home makers don’t need to worry about any water leakage or some other related issues in your home. Whenever you are considering the initial cost of this water shut off device, it will be only affordable as compared to your water damage repair cost. This is why a lot of plumbers and some other related experts are suggesting the house owners to install such emergency water shut off valve to your entire home.


Installation of this emergency water shut off system with the water shut off sensor is not difficult at all and it is also not required a professional plumber or specialized tools to install. The normal individuals can easily install in an easier manner. You just have the pliers to unscrew & tighten the water pipeline hoses or possibly a wrench. Then, you should drill for the wall anchors and use the screw driver to install the necessary screws and also paste or tape. You have to connect this shut off system with the incoming water supply line for all emergency purposes.

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