Prince of Latin Jazz 2010

Cuban Dreams 2010 *

Dinastia Valdes 2009

Keys of Latin Jazz 2007 *

Herencia 2004

Encantado 2002

Timba 2002

Welcome Friend

Music, for me, is the spice that gives life it’s flavor and joy.  I hope that where ever we may meet, you enjoy the  flavor of my music and take pleasure in the spice that comes from my heart.

When I am not traveling, my home is in Cancun, Mexico.  The beautiful city of Chicago, IL is where the world of Jazz opened it’s doors to me.

Please come to this site often for performance updates.



Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, FL

May 1

Pittsburg Jazz Live Festival

June 18

Manager: Marcel Castaneda


Horizontes  2015

Reflections 2014

Carnaval en Piano Charango  2013 *

Grand Piano Live   2013 *

Live in Chicago 2012 *

Piano & Charango with Eddy Navia 2012 *

The Other Side of Me 2012

New York is Now/Viva el Sonido Cubano 2011*

DISCOGRAPHY  *Latin Grammy Nominee :